Root [video]
(attach phone to host with the cable)
0. TURN phone on with up-button pressed and wait android logo on phone screen
1. fastboot-linux flash boot file.img [boot.blade.mcri.r2.img]
2. fastboot-linux reboot -> phone reboots
3. check from mobile menus if phone has been rooted -> look menu: superuser
4. install [copy] custom rom (into sdcard)
- adb push file.tar.gz [mcri-system-blade-mcr-r1.tar.gz] /sdcard/mcri-system.tar.gz [kopio milla tavalla haluat]
- if filename different it will not flash (change filename .flashed after flashing) [mcri-system.tar.gz.flashed]
5. check that file on memory stick: ls /sdcard
6. TURN OFF-ON device
7. checks /sdcard, erase system partition, flash the custom ROM [copying files over] on and reboot and do normal boot
8. phone turns on
9. check /sdcard/file.flahsed
10. Proper android now
11. return original rom -> repeat sequence with original ROM

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Good to know

How to access android shell - from linux "adb shell"


* Advanced Task killer
* Gmote - tietokoneen kauko-ohjain
* IP Cam Viewer - hyva webcam vieweri
* QuickSSHd - $1.50
* Connecbot - putty
Podcast Manager - BeyondPod
GyPSii - install
TantDroid - vakoojanpaljastaja

ZTE Blade

ZTE Blade Specs
Saunalahti ZTE Blade kernel koodit
ZTE Blade - manuaali

ZTE Blade - versio, alkuperainen v2.1

EEST_P729BB01 (Peruskaistan versio)
2.6.29 (zte-kernel@zdroid-SMT)
EEST_P729BV1.0.0B02 (koontiversion numero)

ZTE Blade - Elisa v2.2 upgrade

P729B01 (Peruskaistan versio) (zte-kernel@Zdroid-SMT)


adb = Android debugger, android debug bridge


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