Vaio VGN-P21Z-Q

VGN-P21Z in pieces, good doc to learn what's inside. [japanise]
HDD replacement discussions
Same article, slightly different format
Sony Vaio P microsata-to-ZIF adapter (SATA to PATA, with 60-70% performance drop from SATA perf.)

Extended Battery VGP-BPL15
Duracell OEM VGB-BPS15/B replacement alternative
docs - Spare battery BIOS update and instructions

Intel ATOMs benchmark numbers

VGN-P21Z Support pages
Bios update BIOS R0281Q3 - cpu perf improvement

Windows 7 Updates - in this directory


Intel Atom D520 1.33GHz, 1600x864, Win7
US15W SCH Intel System Controller HUB Chipset [datasheet]
2 GB/512kB cache [DDR2-533MHz SDRAM, no expansion]
Toshiba MK8025GAL ATA 80GB, with ZIF connector
3G Modem - Globetrotter MO40 (em-ou-four-zero)
Marwell YUKON 88E8057 PCI-E 1GB Eth
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
ServiceTag: here, Prod+SN: here, IMEI: here
VGP-BPS15/B (original Sony 7.4V/2100mAh/16Wh battery)
Duracell: 7.4/4800mAh/36Wh

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